Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Green Jewelry

I know recycling is very important today, so I wanted to let everyone know that I too, am aware of this issue and make sure that the silver, gold and gold filled material I use is made of recycled silver and gold from jewelers like me. We send in the material that is left over whenever we make our jewelry.

You know what I mean, you do a wire wrap, for example, and there is always a little bit of wire left over. Well, what do you do with that wire? For me, I have recycling jars. I have a separate jar for each type of material I work with: one for gold, one for silver and one for gold-filled.

Every piece of material, not matter how small, goes into the recycling jar. I even keep the dust from my filing. It adds up. When the jars get full enough - I go by weight, then I send the contents to the recyclers. They in turn will either send me cash, so that I can purchase more materials, or they will give me credit for me to purchase more metal.

This way, instead of relying on mining for more gold and silver, I know I am doing my part to help mother earth by recycling and reusing precious metals. And today, it couldn't be easier, with all the companies out there wanting to purchase your scrap.

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  1. I like your idea of recycling as it’s very important to keep the environment clean. I really like your design as they are very pretty. The material used can be recycled which is best part of your jewelry. Thanks for creating such wonderful pieces.