Friday, September 25, 2009

And I Thought It Would be Easy......

Well, I got my Cloud Dome; and realized that it would not fit with my camera! What a rotten feeling! But the people at Cloud Dome were WONDERFUL! I called them and asked them what I could do. They were great! Even though I bought this Dome used, they immediately said they would take it back and send me the dome for larger cameras! In fact, I paid them the difference between the larger and smaller dome and they shipped out the larger dome first and told me to ship back the smaller dome as soon as I got the larger dome.

I could not believe a company would do something like that basically on trust! So, I get the bigger dome and put it together, and it's still too small for my camera with its great big zoom lens. OK, now its time to, in engineering terms, kludge something together. So, I went to the hardware store and got longer screws and nuts to fit the screws and lock nuts as well as spacers. The spacers went in between the base of the dome and the bottom of the L shaped camera holder. Bingo! It worked perfectly! I now have a cloud dome that fits my camera with its extra large lens! Hooray!!  My B.S.E.E. was put to use - ha, ha.

Well, now I have not excuse, except one, and that's to make the the light used to light up the jewelry inside the cloud dome to take the pictures and hopefully to get hold of cloud dome for some tips on jewelry photography first! I'm excited -- this is supposed to make my pictures look great, so I have very hight hopes for this equipment! I hope I'm not disappointed!

Well, good night for now, and keep your fingers crossed for me and hope this succeeds!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I finally got my cloud dome! Now I have to put it together! I never knew it took that many parts to put together - well time to roll up my sleeves and get to work doing that! But, I wasn't idle during the time I was waiting -- I was making new jewelry! So, as soon as I get new chain to complete these necklaces - so that they will be of variable length - I'll have five more new necklaces to photograph, as well as all my old ones and then photoshop.

I don't even want to think of all the work it's going to take just to get them ready to list.... this is the part I don't like. I love creating; but all the other work I don't, but I don't sell enough to hire someone to do the parts I don't like to do yet!

Plus with my Chronic Fatigue, I get insomnia; which I've had for the last 5 nights, which means I don't get to bed before 4:00 A.M. and I'm not going to use my torch that late at night; so by the time I wake up ( 10:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. - half of the morning is shot! That doesn't leave much time for my work.

That is the most frustrating thing about having CFS!

Oh well, I've got to get to work if I want to be productive today! Talk to you later; and feel free to contact me or of course follow my links to my other sites for more jewelry. Thank you for reading me today.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A new Day

Since I've been waiting for such a long time for my new camera equipment, I finally called Cloud Dome to find out what happened to my order - they don't know! I have a lot of new jewelry that I want to take pictures of, plus retake all the pictures on my web site, so this is very frustrating! Just another setback.

Well, one good piece of news, no more anonymous postings - I really hate that! If you are going to post, let me know who you are please.

Well, I'm slowly getting better from the pneumonia that turned into an abscessed lung. This all happened in early February. I was hospitalized for 5 days - it was supposed to be for 2 weeks; but I couldn't take 2 weeks in the hospital. So, as soon as I could, I started walking the hallways; I was determined to get out as soon as possible. It worked; my doctor could see some improvement after 4 days of a ton of IV antibiotics and my walking. So, I was sent home with a ton of antibiotics and told to get as much rest as I could at home, but keep walking and as soon as I could get a personal trainer (which, of course, insurance would not pay for!) to start improving my lung capacity. But, not to expect any miracles -- it would take at least a year to recover, and by the way, part of my lung died.

So, now its September, I need to make an appointment with him and for another CAT scan. By now, with all my X-rays and CAT scans, I should be glowing in the dark!

But, I am getting better, I can now drive some. That is a major step for me; and my daughters are very happy about that. They were my chauffeurs from about April (which is how long it took for me to get the energy to actually get out of bed and go somewhere, even if only for an hour) and the start of September! Which was actually good timing. One daughter stayed at home and is going to community college (which is great for me, because I can't drive all day or very far) and the other has gone to UC Merced, which is not very far (2 1/2 hours drive time away) and since it is the newest UC -- this is its fifth year, all the class sizes are small and all the classes are taught by full professors (PhDs) and since she is majoring in Chemistry; she will have the opportunity to work with a professor on research starting in her junior year! WOW, I don't know of any university that gives you that type of opportunity. And all the science labs are brand new -- I (since I trained as an Electrical Engineer as did my husband) were just in awe in the labs.

It almost made me want to go back to school; but unfortunately they don't have any post graduate programs yet; which is why undergrads get to do research. Even with the budget cuts, which translated into increased college tuition; she's getting a private school education right now with UC tuition. That can't get any better -- well it can; in the fifties and sixties, all colleges in California were free (tuition only). You still had to pay room and board.

Oh well, I better stop and call Cloud Dome again and find out what happened with my order! Until next time, everyone have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

WOW - My Last Post Really Pissed People Off

Since my last post, I received two comments concerning the flame war I apparently started in the jewelers group, Ganoksin, both were nasty and both were anonymous. So, I've been busy making jewelry and trying out new techniques; and I admit, no really keeping up with my blog (no good), so whin I read those comments, I felt I had to answer them here -- again. I'm sorry for all of you who thought this issue was already put to bed; I thought it was too. But, I can't let these type of comments go unanswered. After this, I promise, I'm done with this issue. As I said below, after this; I'll deal with these type of comments by ignoring them -- especially since they didn't even have the courage to sign their names! So, below is my final answer (truncated from my final answer on Ganoksin/Orchid.) You are hereby warned and can continue reading or not; whatever you decided. Thank you for being here reading my blog!

I have to disagree with their comments. I was not the one spreading the vitriol. I received many emails supporting me and one that really summed up the entire incident. No One took the time to really listen to (or read) what I was saying. They immediately went up in arms to support the school; without listening to what I was asking for. They assumed I was the one out of line and their comments really hurt. They also assumed that I was the one who didn't want to work hard. All of this was made up out of thin air.
So, my last posting was to try to make everyone who made fun of me to try to understand what my life was about. What it was to be me and to live with my illness day in and day out. What it was like to go immediately from being a very active person one day to the next day become as someone who has to live with immense pain and fatigue (like you have the flu that never goes away!) ALL THE TIME.
I am not trying to be a victim; but try to put yourself in my shoes and feel what it would be like to have yourself taken out of a class and told to leave and never come back because of your disability. I can already tell from your comments you do not have any disabilities - so you don't know what that feels like.
And, yes, to me, jewelry was to be my escape from my pain and to bring me joy. And, even without comments from people like you -- it will continue to do so. Why -- because I have learned that ignorance can only be dealt with in one of two ways. The first was is to try to explain and educate. Well, in this case; it didn't work. So, I go the second way, which is to ignore. So, with that; I now go back to my commissions and ignore comments from people like you!
I especially like that you do not even have the courage to include your names to your postings! At least I had the courage to include my name to my opinions and stand by my opinions. You two on the other have would rather take the cowards way out and post anonymously! Big risk takers! You don't want your opinions to show up on Google, do you? That is that lowest of the low; to try to take someone down; but to do it anonymously. Real big of you! Well, goodbye; because I don't care what someone like you thinks -- your minds are closed and you are wasting my time.