Thursday, February 25, 2010

My jewelry is been picked for a blog!

My wedding jewelry is now featured on Misscheviousdesigns blog for Wedding Ideas! If you would like to see what she said, click here. I am so excited about this. I loved making these earrings and to have someone love it enough to add it to her blog so that others might want it is wonderful. I am starting to get somewhere!

And, I now have the secret of making good pictures - to make your gems and crystals sparkle, use LED lights. Those lights with light up anything that sparkles. That's the jeweler's secret to making those wonderful pictures of sparkling jewelry. LEDs!

Now I have them too! And, my  pictures look so much better for it, you can really see the detail and the actual colors of the gemstones and the luster of the pearls. I only but the best, so it helps to have the lighting to show off what I have.

These are not the earrings chosen, but another example of some of the earrings I have for weddings on my web site.


  1. Your new pictures look fantastic Jaynemarie! I need to get me some of those lights. My pictures could definitely use it...

  2. Very cute earrings. Thanks Jaynemarie. The earning are extremely beautiful and lovely. How did you get it ? I would love to buy similar one for me as well....