Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Featured Artist

I am so excited that I was picked to be the featured artist of the week by Q Branch Ltd. blog starting
this Thursday at 6 pm Eastern time.

To keep this post short and sweet, please go visit them starting Tomorrow Evening to see my spot.

Meanwhile, I'm going to be working on a new series of earrings. See you later.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Does Your Birthstone Mean?

As I researched birthstone lore, I found out that one or more characteristics or meanings are attached to the different stones. I because fascinated by not only finding this out, but also finding out that in addition to Europe (mainly England) having birthstones, Tibet and India also used certain stones to signify each month.

So, first a quick refresher on birthstones. Tiffany & Co. was the first jeweler to market the concepts of birthstones in 1870. The idea of birthstones was already in place by then as referenced by an old English poem. In this poem, birthstones were not only noted, but there were characteristics attached to each gemstone. The belief was that if you wore a particular stone you would be endowed with the same strengths. The months and their stones have pretty much stayed the same until today, with the addition of an alternative birthstone as the cost of the original stones has increased.

When I started looking into the history of birthstones, I found that there are gems associated with each of the signs of the zodiac as well as gemstones for each day of the week. Now that information was a surprise to me. I knew that astrology attached characteristics to each zodiac sign, but I never thought that in addition to this there were gemstones too.

Here, then, is the list of the signs of the Zodiac and their corresponding birthstones:

12/22 – 1/20
1/21 – 2/19
2/20 – 3/20
3/21 – 4/20
4/21 – 5/20
5/21 – 6/21
6/22 – 7/22
7/23 – 8/23
8/24 – 9/23
9/24 – 10/23
10/24 – 11/22
11/23 – 12/21

The next time you are searching for a gift, do something unexpected. Give some jewelry based on the zodiac.  If you need any help in finding the perfect gift, just ask me.

For more information about Birthstones, see my Ezine article.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I have a winner!

Congratulation to freeindeed! She is the lucky winner of my Light Blue Triple Crystal Sapphire Earrings.

Stay tuned for more giveaways and coupons.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keep those entries coming!

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is only 4 days left until my giveaway ends! Keep those entries coming because if this is a successful giveaway, I will be doing more of these in the near future.

So, please tell your friends about this giveaway. The more people I get, the more likely I'll do more of these very soon.

I have a lot of really nice earrings and necklaces, so please be sure to go to my site and look around.

Remember, if you purchase something, your entry will automatically gain 5 extra positions! These are really nice earrings I am giving away, so to increase your chances, buy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Give-away! - My First Giveaway

The winner of this Giveaway- My First! - will receive a pair of my Light Sapphire Blue Triple Crystal Earrings. These Earrings are made with Pretty Light Blue Faceted Swarovski Crystals dangling from the end of 3 Sterling Silver Snake Chains of different lengths. These chains are attached to a Ball Post pierced Earring.
These Earrings with this Icy Blue color are perfect for this summer. They will complement almost everything you will wear, not only this summer, but the rest of the year as well. I just love these earrings!
They are 2 1/2" (6.3cm) long and sell for $89.98.

Now the rules:
  1. Visit Come back here and leave a comment listing the item that you like the best and why. If you have multiple "bests," you can enter them here also, but each item must be given a separate comment. (And, no, you cannot list everything I have, you will be disqualified if you attempt to do this). Each comment = 1 entry for a maximum of 3 entries.
  2. Blog, Twitter, Facebook this giveaway and leave a comment for each action with the link = 1 entry.
  3. Follow My Blog and Leave Comment = 1 entry
  4. Become a "Fan" on my Facebook page and Leave Comment = 1 entry
  5. Follow me on Twitter and Leave a Comment = 1 entry
  6. Purchase something from my shop and you get 5 entries. PLUS, for every $10 you spend in my shop, you will get an additional entry. For example, you purchase a pearl earring that costs $29.86, I round that up to $30, which gives you 3 extra entries for a total of 8 entries. If you purchase the Copper and Bronze Fan Necklace at $72.23, I would round that up to $80 to give you 8 extra entries, for a total of 13 entries.
This contest is open to everyone
Please make sure I have your email address, otherwise I cannot award you the prize.

This contest will run until Midnight, Sunday, June 13th, 2010. The winner will be chose using a random number generator.

Good luck!