Saturday, March 27, 2010

Craftomania Tools: Craftomania I-Scream is on the front page!

 Craftomania Tools: Craftomania I-Scream is on the front page!

And I am a now a member of the Craftomania Tools Team.  I really like their toolbar, it makes working on my Etsy site so much easier! You really should take a look at it and download it. I was surprised at how easy it makes navigating around Etsy and other sites to promote yourself. Now, I don't know how I ever lived without it - just kidding. But, it does make the Etsy side of the my jewelry job easier.

And, since we are talking about jewelry, I might as well show you another piece of my collections, This time, I'll show a Moonstone Necklace that would be great for a Wedding or any other special occasion. This is in my Special Designs Section.

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  1. INCREDIBLE ONE ! Its very beautiful. I liked it. Did you design your self? This is very creative work. Hats Off to you!