Friday, September 25, 2009

And I Thought It Would be Easy......

Well, I got my Cloud Dome; and realized that it would not fit with my camera! What a rotten feeling! But the people at Cloud Dome were WONDERFUL! I called them and asked them what I could do. They were great! Even though I bought this Dome used, they immediately said they would take it back and send me the dome for larger cameras! In fact, I paid them the difference between the larger and smaller dome and they shipped out the larger dome first and told me to ship back the smaller dome as soon as I got the larger dome.

I could not believe a company would do something like that basically on trust! So, I get the bigger dome and put it together, and it's still too small for my camera with its great big zoom lens. OK, now its time to, in engineering terms, kludge something together. So, I went to the hardware store and got longer screws and nuts to fit the screws and lock nuts as well as spacers. The spacers went in between the base of the dome and the bottom of the L shaped camera holder. Bingo! It worked perfectly! I now have a cloud dome that fits my camera with its extra large lens! Hooray!!  My B.S.E.E. was put to use - ha, ha.

Well, now I have not excuse, except one, and that's to make the the light used to light up the jewelry inside the cloud dome to take the pictures and hopefully to get hold of cloud dome for some tips on jewelry photography first! I'm excited -- this is supposed to make my pictures look great, so I have very hight hopes for this equipment! I hope I'm not disappointed!

Well, good night for now, and keep your fingers crossed for me and hope this succeeds!

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