Monday, February 22, 2010

My pictures are starting to get better

I'm starting to take better pictures finally. Its been really tough getting there though. My health hasn't been great, which makes it really hard to get things done; so I set myself with a goal of I at least have to take pictures of 5 items every day and at least I must edit them and then upload 3 or four of them every day. But I think some of these are pretty good:

I think I'm getting there, but with so little sleep; its tough to get into making new jewelry. I have so many ideas - but I'm so frustrated by not having the energy to make them. I keep telling myself that I'll get there, but its getting harder to keep going and not get depressed and give up. I really want this business to work. I know I have good ideas and whenever I wear what I make everyone loves them. I just have to figure out how to take good pictures and descriptions and then get good marketing.

It just takes so much energy that I don't have right now. I has to get better - I don't see how it can get any worse. Oh well, I don't want to sound so depressed right now, but I hope the doctor's can come up with something, anything, that can help me with my pain and fatigue, so that I can work.

I want my business to work so much - this is my dream!

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