Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Change in Direction

I started this blog to tie in with my jewelry selling, but after a while, I realized that it means more to me to have a place to let people know who I am and more importantly what I felt, especially after a very nasty email exchange that took place on Orchid (a place that jewelers meet online) where we are suppose to be able to express out views and I got blasted for putting up my opinion.

I realized, that part of the problem was, that now really knew, who I really was, and what I physically fought with everyday as part of life.

So, I'll start with that, and the direction of this blog will change, to show you what daily life is for me.

First off, I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrone (CFS) and Fibromyalmia (FMS) which leaves me weak and in daily pain. And, as the name CFS implies, fatigue. On good days, I can get through a day without a nap; on a bad day - a 2 to 3 hour nap is a must. That really cuts into my productivity!

Even on a good day, I need a break (or 2) in the afternoon, and that is what caused the huge controversy on the jewelers group. The school I said I would not recommend, would not let me have those 2 rest periods in the afternoon, even though I said I knew that meant that I would not finish projects they decided must be done, and without talking it over at all with me; they decided to kick me out of school.   I was humiliated!

Well, because of that experience, I said I could no longer recomend that school. Boy, did that cause a flame war! All of a sudden the owner of this school was a saint who could do no wrong.  Well, the soap opera continues tomorrow, since I need to go to sleep.


  1. I read the thread on Orchid and i really think everyone who responded to you was very polite and respectful. I also think that most of the thread wasn't about you, it was about giving an opinion of various schools, I think its' so unfair that you use the words "nasty" and "blasted" when you were the one who seemed pretty nasty. You were looking for a fight and no one cared enough to give you one, I think THAT is why you are so mad.

  2. I agree with the above comment. I read your blog before you changed it to complain about Ganoksin's reaction to you. Your blog was already about your illness. Do you really think that when a prospective customer googles you and finds all the vitriol you've spread that they are going to want to buy jewelry from you? Jewelry is supposed to be about joy and all you're bringing to the table is a sense of victimhood.