Monday, March 14, 2011

Countdown to Spring

We're just adjusted our clocks and I know I am past ready for Spring to be here. This has been an unusual year of weather, even Northern California weather.
  • Rains started a little late
  • Then it poured
  • Followed by days of warmth and sunshine
  • Freak dusting of snow 
  • Now, it's raining again.....
Well, in between the showers, I went outside to check for signs of Spring. After all, Spring is officially here in 6 days! {on Sunday, March 20th}
Bee gathering nectar
from rosemary blooms

Want to play? Please....
I found out that I am not the only one anxious for good weather.

Bees humming from flower to flower, only to disappear when the rain starts again.

California Fuchsia 
One of my dogs, Penny, running to grab a tennis ball and then trying to get me to play with her.

And, finally, some more flowers! This time from my California Fuchsia in a pot outside on the deck.

Now that I know that I am not the only one anxious for Spring to be here. The bees have started looking for flowers. My dogs want to go outside and play. And, one of California's native species, telling me that, yes, it's almost Spring!

I can't wait!


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  2. Your pictures are beautiful!
    Here in Benicia, it rained all day here.
    Nice, if I was home, but I was at work, which I am still thankful for :)
    Have a nice day, Jaynemarie, and thanks for sharing!

    Had to repost, I had a misspelling.

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    You have a great eye! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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