Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Earrings are in a Treasury!

I am so pleased! My earrings were picked for a Treasury, I hope I get new pictures taken of them before the Treasury expires, so they will really pop. But if not, at least they are up there.

But a really strange thing happened. I couldn't leave any comments in the Treasury area using Firefox. I had to go to Safari in order to do this and I don't know why. I don't know if this is a problem with Firefox or a problem with Firefox because I added the Craftomania Toolbar. If its the Toolbar, I need to get rid of it, because I really prefer using Firefox to Safari, especially since Firefox remembers my passwords for certain sites (only the ones I want). This is a real time save for me. I don't think Safari has this feature. If it did, it would be a fantastic addition!

Anyway, since I always include a picture, here is a picture of the earrings that are in this treasury. You can follow this link to see the treasury, because it is really full of pretty blues. But, if you don't want to, here are my Moonstone Filigree Earrings that are in this treasury. This is not the same picture as in the treasury. This is a picture that I took using the new lens that I bought specifically to photograph jewelry. I think it takes fantastic pictures of my earrings!


  1. Congratulations for this achievement. Your earrings deserve to be in Treasury. I am big fan of your work. I like your designs. I can clearly see the creativity in your work. This post is very useful to know the latest news in fashion industry.