Friday, July 3, 2009


I wanted to have my grand opening for my web store on July 1st, but so many thing went wrong. It was very frustrating for me. Etsy was very slow and would not take my jewelry pictures; my Chronic Fatigue was flaring up, so I was hurting and was very tired; and the list goes on.
So, my first post is a downer, not a good start to my blog. So, I figure, I have nowhere to go but up from here! I'll just take it a day at a time, as trite as it sounds and eventually things will work out as they should.

To make sure there is something good here, there is a picture of a model wearing a custom three piece set made for a formal event. It consists of a triple necklace, five strand bracelet and double drop earrings.

So, its back to the salt mines to enter more of my jewelry into my store on Etsy.
I really enjoy designing and making jewelry more than marketing it; but to sell, I must market.... Good night and have a good and safe Fourth of July!

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